I warn you, keep your distance from the salt monsters. Often, the buildup of even a little bit of salty water in an existing pipe can produce distinct mineral formations odd enough to baffle the scientists. It is important to be wary of small because of the little monsters: Each year, these cost power plants are expending $100 billion in trying to clean the crystals and filter tubes in the system and preventing them from clogging the equipment.

Finally, there is a solution to the problem at hand. Reported to a study in Science Advances, engineers can apply a textured coating to the interior of the pipes to keep them from absorbing water, which will greatly help their long- If the surface of the bridge you are working on is incomplete, you need to expand it to the size required. Shaped with microscopic gaps, which helps crystals spread and have their facets flattening effect minimized, creates an interspersed texture on the surface that is hard to remove. It is interesting to note that microscopic differences would be measured in a piece of a cantaloupe rather than the space of a cherry. Because the textured crystal causes tiny air bubbles to rise and join together, resulting in animal-like or plant-like formations resembling elephants or jellyfish. It makes them easier to remove from the pipes. Actually, these “crystal creatures” are so striking that cleaners can easily flick them off of the surfaces. Researchers watched as the crystal structures filmed their minute movements on the insides of organs, and organs were revealed to the naked eye.