Hosting a variety of fertile valleys and terrains, Jazan province in southwestern Saudi Arabia offers a landscape ripe for agricultural investments and is a vital contributor to the kingdom’s food supply chain. The region is particularly renowned for its Khawlani coffee, celebrated for its ancient trees and traditional cultivation techniques. Deeply embedded in Saudi national identity and traditions, Khawlani coffee forms an integral part of cultural practices in the Arabian Peninsula. However, Jazan faces unique challenges, such as its hot, dry climate that necessitates advanced watering methods and the small size of most coffee farms, which hampers its ability to invest and earn a good income. Therefore, understanding the journey of coffee from farm to cup is vital in making coffee farming more sustainable and profitable.

In this context, Dr. Khadija Mehrez and her team from Jazan University embarked on a comprehensive study to enhance the local value chain (LVC) of Khawlani coffee. This pioneering research focuses on implementing value-based marketing strategies to improve the quality of Khawlani coffee and the economic well-being of farmers in the region. The team conducted extensive interviews with coffee farmers across the six mountainous regions of Jazan, coupled with a thorough content analysis. This study sheds light on the common practices in the commercialization, cultivation, and management of coffee farming while revealing the key challenges faced, including a lack of awareness about government support initiatives.

The findings of the research, published in the Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences, suggest an imminent growth in the Saudi coffee market, particularly in the Jazan region. The team has proposed practical and sustainable strategies to tackle the unique challenges faced by the region, such as water scarcity and the impact of climate change. These strategies emphasize eco-friendly practices and the adoption of modern technologies to enhance coffee production.

A vital aspect of the study is the emphasis on providing support and training in advanced farming methods and quality control, especially for small-scale farmers. This support is expected to improve both the quantity and quality of coffee production, which in turn can enhance the well-being of the coffee farming community. The study underlines the importance of smart marketing strategies in helping agriculture by boosting farmers’ income and making agricultural products more competitive.

In summary, Dr. Khadija Mehrez and her team have mapped out a new path for Khawlani coffee production. Their research not only pinpoints the main challenges but also offers a strategy for overcoming them through creative agricultural marketing techniques. The potential for Jazan’s coffee sector to satisfy local needs and enter high-end markets worldwide signals a shift towards a more sustainable and thriving coffee industry.

Journal Reference

Khadija Hassen Mehrez, Habib Khemira, Ali Mohammed Medabesh. “Marketing strategies for value chain development: Case of Khawlani coffee-Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia.” Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences, 2023. DOI:

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Dr. Khadija Mehrez, an Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. in Marketing, brings over a decade of rich experience in academia and administration. Having ascended to the position of Head of the Marketing Department, she served with distinction for four years. In this capacity, Dr. Khadija showcased exemplary leadership, strategic planning, and curriculum development skills, significantly enhancing the academic environment. Her tenure in this role was marked by innovative teaching methods and effective administrative strategies, greatly benefiting both students and faculty. Additionally, Dr. Khadija is deeply involved in research, delving into a variety of marketing topics while also exploring interdisciplinary areas. Her commitment to academic excellence is evident in her teaching and administrative roles, where she continuously contributes to the evolution and nuanced understanding of marketing principles.