We are looking for exciting new and innovative scientific papers in all scientific fields. If you want to nominate your or one of your colleagues’ papers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of being featured:

  • Your paper will be more visible and have a higher citation
  • You get more readers, which means building up your reputation among scientists worldwide
  • You establish instant credibility
  • You can connect with other scientists
  • You gain valuable experience from the publication process
  • You get featured on other publications more easily
  • Another layer of validation for your studies

…and more

We value every researchers’ work. We want to hear from scientists, and we also want to speak to representatives of research groups and international consortia. We have a goal of forming and maintaining long-term collaborations with scientists interested in disseminating their innovative ideas to more people worldwide.

Science Feature is highly selective; invited articles account for less than 0.1 percent of the monthly published literature. Selection criteria are (i) the expertise of the authors, (ii) how the paper proves the evidence to the reader, (iii) unique argument or insight of the work, (iv) effects to the reader’s perspective and make them understand how to apply real situations in their life.

We are well aware that researchers are typically involved deeply in their work. Mostly their lack the time or the platform required to describe their research so that a broader audience can read and digest it. Away from the dense, technical journals, we will collaborate with you to develop high-quality, high-impact feature articles that summarise your research and present it in an elegantly written package.

Science Featured Series, proudly operated under the umbrella of Science Bridges, is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to providing the scientific community and the public with open access to significant scientific research. It is funded through publication fees, ensuring editorial tasks, news story production, copy editing, review processes, and online dissemination are efficiently managed. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to making scientific knowledge widely accessible.

Once 400-600 words featuring ready and get your approval to publish in Science Featured Series, we will welcome the following elements from the author:

Invited scientists and professors may include a brief biography describing their qualifications, current positions at institutions, and research interests, with or without an author photograph.

JPG,.TIFF,.PDF, or.PPT files should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and should not be embedded in the significant statement file. Please send the creditor if the license requires. Please also be sure that it is not violating any licensing regulations to publish on our website. If we notice any violation, we will remove the image from our website. If you do not send any images, we may use our image archive for the visual improvement of the key featured article.

If a figure is composed of multiple parts, please submit a single composite illustration page that contains all of the figure’s components. There is no fee associated with the use of coloured figures, and it is encouraged.
The figure legends should be included in the document’s main text file at the end rather than in the figure file itself.